Are you thinking about pursuing a  career in Marketing

Are you thinking about pursuing a career in Marketing

Marketing is an exciting career path. The opportunities are endless, and it requires a lot of creativity and input in coming up with solutions for your clients. In marketing, it is vital to understand the customer and be able to deliver in a manner that not only helps to improve a brand image but also create sales opportunities and take the brand further. There are many ways to market a brand. It makes a career in marketing exciting.Depending on which area of marketing appeals to you best, you can focus all your energy on it.

In simple terms, marketing will expect you to take a product and transform it into a brand which appeals to the target audience. Good marketing will add value to a product or service by being able to explore the pain points of the target users and being able to communicate those pain points in the marketing of that product. It should also be able to transform a product into a brand persuading consumers to fall in love with the brand and not just the product. They will be investing in the brand identity and not the product. If a marketer can do this, then they have done their job.

Let us look at some key areas and branches in marketing;

Market research

It involves understanding the audience being targeted. A company cannot succeed in a territory they do not understand. Market research will help the company understand the market and ensure they run a successful campaign. 

Brand management

It involves a wide range of activities. But the core boils down to creating an identity that relates to the intended market. The brand manager must research the different aspects of the brand and be able to develop these various aspects and create consistency in the message of the brand. 

As a brand manager, you will be expected to identify marketing opportunities and create a clear marketing objective for the brand as well as carry out detailed research of competing brands. The brand manager sees the big picture and develops a road map for the company to follow. Hence the role involves working closely with the other parts of the marketing team such as market research, product development, strategy, advertising and several others.


Advertisers work on a wide range of activities they are involved from strategy development to execution. There are different roles involved in advertising such as account managers, account planners and media buyers. Account managers work between the client and other departments. They oversee the client’s accounts and can sometimes manage more than one customer account.

Account planners work closely with the customer to define the audience, plan activities and find out what motivates the audience. This information is then passed to the other departments for developing or enhancing the strategy. Media buyers are involved with finding ad placements and purchasing ads on different platforms.


It involves creating special offers, especially in peak seasons such as Christmas, Easter etc. Promoters create special offers to entice customers to make purchasing decisions. They also do this by offering coupons, free samples, gifts, rebates and more.

Public relations

If you are someone that likes media attention and don’t mind addressing the press and general public, then this is for you. It involves communicating with the media, investors, employers, as well as employees. They act as the spokespersons for the company. They usually express their message in person during press conferences and could also use press releases to share company information with the general public such as product launches, upcoming events, and so on.

Marketing is a great career, and there are so many sub-niches to consider under marketing. It doesn’t matter which profession you end up choosing. It is guaranteed that marketing will be involved. You may have a great message, but without marketing, no one will get to know about your product or service. 

 “Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them do so.” – Bryan Eisenberg

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