The Benefits of Graduate Schemes

While you are in university, it is always a good thing to have a look at graduate schemes that are available. Joining a graduate scheme allows you to get your foot in the door as most of these schemes can lead to full time employment. As a new graduate, it…

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Choosing the right course for you!

 It is important that when choosing a course, you think about the main reason as to why you would want to study this course, what the course can do for you and most importantly; you need to think about the impact studying the course would have on your goals once…

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Why studying is always a great option!

The thought of studying alone can put individuals off applying to go to university. However, if you look at it that way, you completely forget the benefits of studying and the end goal. If you change your mind set, you realise that studying is gaining more knowledge so you can…

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Attending University – The fear of the unknown

The transition from High school to University is always a nerve wracking one. The thought of complete independence as you go into university does feel good, but it is very understandable if you may have doubts. The fear of the unknown can slowly change your outlook on attending university. However;…

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Do Graduates earn more than Non-Graduates?

One question people always tend to ask is; do graduates earn more than non-graduates? or is it the other way around?The answer is – in some cases, yes graduates earn more due to having a degree than those who may not have graduated or received a degree in their chosen…

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Top 5 Reasons to Study Computing Technologies

It is evident that the digital space continues to experience exponential growth. Today, computers are penetrating more and more services and products. New technologies also seem to be developed daily. Consequently, the demand for students who have studied or are studying computing technologies continues to rise fast. To make contributions…

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Are you thinking about pursuing a career in Marketing

Marketing is an exciting career path. The opportunities are endless, and it requires a lot of creativity and input in coming up with solutions for your clients. In marketing, it is vital to understand the customer and be able to deliver in a manner that not only helps to improve…

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