Choosing the right course for you!

Choosing the right course for you!


It is important that when choosing a course, you think about the main reason as to why you would want to study this course, what the course can do for you and most importantly; you need to think about the impact studying the course would have on your goals once you have completed it. Selecting a course, you are interested in helps you stay focused – as we all know that when you are interested in something, you put effort in wanting to know more. It pays to work hard towards your goals and picking the correct course for you will help you do just that!

Here are a few things to consider when you are picking a course to study:

• Graduate employment rate – The likelihood of you getting a job in the field you studied in on completion of the course. You want to make sure that your hard work will pay off; not just by finishing with a good grade, but also securing yourself a good job afterwards.

• How committed you are – To study at university, you need to be committed with all that is to come. Studying is hard work; you need to be committed to wanting to complete the degree. Selecting the best course for you, will motivate you to put your best foot forward when it comes to to studying.

• Your values – pick a course that you know you would be happy to study. It is never really a good idea to pick something for the sake of it. If your future prospects and your values correlate with a certain course, then go ahead and study it. If not, then I do not recommend you do; as it would be a waste of 3 to 4 years’ worth of studying, to not do anything with the degree after.

• Feedback on course – it is always beneficial to speak to someone about the course you would potentially like to study, just so you can get an insight of what the course would be like and the kind of things you would be learning about. This would help you decide if the course is the right one for you or not.

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