We will help on your journey to be accepted in the university

Choosing the perfect course is not a simple task. We will help you to find the best option, focusing on your academic and career goals.

EU Network represents high-ranked universities in the United Kingdom and many courses options that will suit your expectations.

The first step into the higher education pathway can start in the Foundation Year or Year 1 programmes, finishing the full course in four or three years. Candidates who hold an equivalent to Level 5 can apply for a TOP-UP degree, completing the undergraduate in just one year.

Students who already finished a bachelor’s degree or held an equivalent to level 6 can proceed to a postgraduate programme in one to two years of studies, increasing, even more, the knowledge and career opportunities.

All the courses we offer can be paid using the student finance¹, which means you don’t need to worry about the fees during your years of studies. In case you decide to fund your course, we have undergraduate degrees from £9,000.00 – £9,250.00 a year² and postgraduates from £5,150.00 – £10,995.00 a year² with the possibility of discounts³.

The educational timetable in England allows you to work during your student life! Most of our courses request you to attend the classes two days during the day for daytime courses or two days during the evening and Saturdays for evening courses or weekends for part-time master courses.

Apply for a course with one of our advisors and start your studies in London, Manchester, Birmingham or Southampton!


¹ accordingly to the eligibility.

² tuition fee – academic year 2019/2020 for Europeans or UK residents only. For international students’ fees, please contact our team.

³ confirm with your advisor about the discount possibilities.

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Foundation Year

Foundation, Extended or Year 0 are the introductory modules attached to your bachelor degree to help you to get prepared for the following years of your bachelor’s. This programme is part of the 4 years’ course and takes 1 year.


Undergraduate or bachelor’s degree are the first step in your higher education path. You might start your undergraduate from the foundation year or Year 1. TOP-UP courses are also available for students with Level 5 or equivalent.


Postgraduate or Master’s degree are the second step in your academic path. Student’s who completed a bachelor course or have equivalent to Level 6 can proceed for a master’s degree.

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