How to write the perfect personal statement for your University Application!

How to write the perfect personal statement for your University Application!

Applying for; and then hopefully being accepted into university can be one of the most important stages in your life. It can shape your future and help you to get on to the right path for your career and your goals.
In order to be accepted into university you need to make an application and here in the UK you will need create a personal statement. Personal statements are very short and brief, where you need to explain a bit about yourself and why you want to study the course as well as attend the university.

  • Write a draft, without worrying about the character limit

 One of the best things that you can do when you are starting to think about writing your personal statement, is to put a draft together of all the things you would like to include in your final statement. When you write your statement, the best thing to do is to make sure that you focus on what you want to say and ignore just how long it is, at least at the beginning of the statement.

  • Always concentrate on your strengths

It is no secret that we all have strengths and weaknesses, but the key to a successful university personal statement is to make sure that you focus on your strengths as much as you can. You need to sell yourself and just why you would make an excellent student, after all; you want the university to pick you to study there. Don’t worry about mentioning anything that you can’t do well, this does not need to be included in the statement. 

  • Create a strong opening sentence

Every good personal statement opens with a strong first sentence, so make sure that yours has one with impact. Funny, unusual or interesting is the order of the day here, anything that is going to make the right first impression and show the university that you have something different to offer.

  • Never copy anyone

The very idea of a personal statement is that it is personal, so that means that the last thing that you should do is copy anyone else’s. Try not to read any other personal statements before you write and submit your own as this could tempt you to copy parts and stray away from making this part of your application all about you.

  • Get someone to proofread it

Of course you can read through your own personal statement and make sure that it makes sense and has no mistakes, but if you really want to make sure that it is of the best quality then you are going to need to show it to someone. Choose someone you trust can give you constructive feedback if need be.

As you can see, there a few things to think about when it comes to your personal statement. One very important fact is to take your time and make it true to you. By doing this, you are sure to create the ideal personal statement to get you into university.

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