Studying International Tourism Management at University

Studying International Tourism Management at University

With the tourism industry on a continuous rise in countries all around the world, International Tourism Management is an increasingly popular choice of degree for UK undergraduates. The degree teaches the principles of tourism from both a management and a business perspective, and gives you a multitude of skills that can be applied in the workplace.

Balancing practical exercises with theoretical study, International Tourism Management prepares you not only for a career in tourism, but for numerous business and management roles all around the world. If you’re interested in starting a degree, here’s why you should seriously consider International Tourism Management.

1 – Gain Transferable Skills
This degree helps you build a colourful skill set that can be transferred across multiple fields, including: a global perspective; leadership and management skills; business strategy; report and presentation writing; data interpretation and analysis; confidence within a professional setting; communication skills; time management and a close understanding of the hospitality and tourism sectors.

2 – Combine Your Interests
Choose from a wide range of different sub-topics that capture your imagination or that you’ve always wanted to study. Every International Tourism Management degree covers multiple fields, allowing you to develop knowledge and build skills in the area that suits you best and matches your personal interests.

3 – Get Hands On Experience
Placement work is an essential part of any kind of management degree. A reputable school of business will have connections with respected, long-standing tourism and hospitality institutions, such as tour organisations and high-end hotel chains. Through securing placement roles here, you gain invaluable experience, and make connections that could open up permanent roles in the future.

4 – Improved Career Prospects
As well as providing you with experience and confidence to tackle the professional world, a BSc in International Tourism Management enhances your CV and improves your career prospects significantly – within both the tourism sector, as well as in other businesses and organisations. Areas for potential roles include: resort management, tourism company development, human resources, office management, IT and communications, business development, finance and international relations.

5 – Become Your Own Boss
Tourism is essentially a business like any other, and learning about its inner workings can give you a closer understanding of how to manage your own business in the future. If you’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, this degree can give you the skills and confidence to take things to the next step and, one day, become your own boss.

6: International Opportunities
As the name might give away, International Tourism Management opens up opportunities all over the world, making you more globally minded and giving you a clear perspective on international issues. With a Bachelor’s degree in this field, you’ll be able to have an edge when working, travelling and communicating abroad, which will enrich both your professional and personal life.

With more and more employers preferring their candidates to hold a Bachelor’s degree, university is becoming an increasingly valuable life choice for career development.

There are tons of reasons to study International Tourism Management; this thoroughly relevant, contemporary degree helps you gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed professionally, whether you want to go into the tourism industry, or something else.

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