What they don’t tell you about completing a Foundation year before studying for a Bachelor’s Degree.

What they don’t tell you about completing a Foundation year before studying for a Bachelor’s Degree.

Many people would oppose to the idea of doing a foundation year before the first year of their bachelor’s degree. However, this is because there are many people that do not know the benefits of completing a foundation year first. Yes, that means that you are going to study for 4 years instead of 3, but this is an extra year to gain more knowledge and learn more. Knowledge is power!

Doing a foundation year gives you a chance to study a bachelors even if your previous grades were low. On completion of the foundation year, you can start your bachelors straight away or even change what course you want to study because with the passing of your foundation year, it qualifies you to start the 3-year bachelor’s degree.

Main benefits of completing a foundation year:

1. Helps with any educational gaps between college and university

In the UK, studying a foundation course is designed to level out the differences you may have and get all students up to standard. So regardless of what course you plan on studying for your bachelors, it is your English language skills that need some attention which is what the course is for. A foundation course can help you attain the level you need to move forward.

2. Helps international students to improve their English

Many international students come to the UK to study. Even though they’re academic grades may be good, if you may struggle to speak or study in English, foundations courses are always beneficial. Not only will it help your English, but it will prepare you to study a bachelors by providing focused training in the kind of academic English that will help you in your future degree studies.

3. You will get used to the way they teach in University

You will be able to see how they teach in universities; this will enable to do adapt to it. As foundation courses in the UK are taught using university-style teaching. You will still have to be on campus, there will be lectures, seminars etc. This all helps prepare you better for your future university studies.

A foundation year is for students to ensure that they are academically ready and confident enough to study a bachelor’s degree in University.

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